My name is Bennett McKinley. I am a Freshmen. As of now, I am an intended chemical engineer. I chose this major because I love chemistry. I am good at it and passionate about it. I also would like to go to medical school, which a chemical engineering degree will lead you in the right path for.

My favorite hobby is playing tennis. I have been playing tennis since I was 9 years old. When I was little, I would only play in the summer. As I got better, however, I started to play year round. My tennis team even got invited to the USTA MidWestern Championship in Indianapolis. As the work load in high school got rigorous, I stopped playing, and know only occasionally play.

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    How to make a delicious sub!
  1. Toast half a sub roll
  2. Put salami on the sub roll
  3. Put turkey on the sub roll
  4. Put lettuce on the sub roll
  5. Put tomatoes on the sub roll
  6. Put banana peppers on the sub roll
  7. Put honey mustard on the sub roll
  8. Enjoy!
Class Grade
Calculus III 93
E115 S
English 101 93
E101 95
Chemistry 101 95
Biology 181 95