Greetings fellow Jedi Knights!

My name is Ben Mechelke. I am a freshman in mechanical engineering. I choose to be a mechanical engineer because I have a great interest in automobiles and star ships alike. My main goals of an engineer are to develop sustainable cars that are cost effective yet still a thrill to drive. Companies like Tesla have already had great success in this industry but their cars are still out of reach for most of the population. Other companies like Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Kia have developed cost effective cars, but they are sluggish are don't emit that sense of performance and style.

My main hobby is rock climbing. I have been climbing for 8 years now and have also competed at Nationals 7 times. My best position finish was 8th at Nationals which was this year back in July. My favourite type of climbing is bouldering. I started climbing in Georgia, then Texas, then Minnesota and now North Carolina.

  1. Get bread
  2. Find peanut butter
  3. Spread peanut butter on bread
  4. Put other slice of bread on top
  5. And Presto, you put peanut butter on bread!
My ClassesGrade
EC 205 A
MA 241 B
PY 205 B