Brandon Siharath

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My name is Brandon Siharath and I am currently an freshman engineer undeclared. I chose engineering because it interests me, especially Chemical Engineering. What I want to do with my degree is to work for a biotech or pharmaceutical company that makes drugs for people to help better their lives. In my opinion, if I am blessed to have no need for such medicine, then why not use my time and skills to help others. I hope to be able to achieve all of this upon my graduation of NC State.

My favorite hobby/past time would probably have to be fishing. I have loved fishing since I was a young child. During warm summer nights or cool spring mornings, nothing thrills me more than sinking my hook into a big 'ol fish. I enjoy all types of fishing, whether it be surf fishing, freshwater or deep sea water I just love being out on the water enjoying some of natures greatest creations. Usually fishing is one thing that gets my mind off of things and is the only thing that can really calm me down. <


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  4. Lastly, add ranch then cut in half

English Chemistry Communications
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