Brett Alibozek's Homework 6 submission!

My name is Brett Alibozek, and I am a Freshman at NCSU. I got into Engineering First year, and I just applied to be a Computer Science Major. I want to be a computer science major because it has one of the best job placements out of college. Also, I am interested in geometric proofs and math, which Computer Science revolves around. Hopefully I will get into the major.

My favorite hobby is golfing. It has been an obsession of mine since middle school. I just won new clubs in a raffle last year, so I am excited to play with them this year. I am a member at Highfields Country Club, and have been for 3 years. My friends and I usually like to golf around 6 in the morning. This year, I am working at Pleasant Valley Country Club as a groundskeeper.

Google picture Resume
  1. How to make a Pizza
Class Grade
CSC116 B+
Calc241 B
ENG101 A
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