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College Stage

I am intending to study Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University. My intended graduation date is May 2020.

Major Rationale

I chose Biomedical Engineering because I want to try and reverse engineer the brain. I want to try and help people with brain diseases and nerouological diseases in being able to operate normally. I find the brain very fascinating so biomedical engineering seemed like an obvious choice. I intend to do research with neurologists, and other engineers to further understand the brain and figure out how human technology can model the brain's processes.

Class Course Title Semester
BME 201 Computer Methods in Biomedical Engineering Fall 2017
BME 204 Biomedical Measurements Fall 2017
BME 203 Introduction to the Materials Science of Biomaterials Spring 2018
BME 252 Biomedical Engineering Design and Manufacturing 1 Spring 2018
BME 210 Biomedical Electronics Spring 2018