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My name is Bradley Gagelin and I plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering because I came to state for Engineering. At first I didn't which major I wanted to choose and was deciding between Chemical, Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering. I finally decided on Mechanical Engineering, during an info session in which I learned about all of the Engineering fields and the classes. Mechanical Engineering's curriculum stood out to me the most and so for now I plan on becoming a Mechanical Engineering.

One of my favorite hobbies is to play frisbee. I have been playing ultimate frisbee since highschool and am currently playing on State's club team. It has always been a great team sport and this year's team has a great group of guys. It also a highly athletic sport, which I enjoy a lot. Finally I love to play frisbee because it's something I am good at and it was one of the major reason I continued playing frisbee.
Favorite Website
  1. Go online/Call Pupatella Pizza Place
  2. Look at online menu for pizza
  3. Call Papa John's if Pupatella Pizza Place is closed
  4. Tip the delivery man and eat some pizza!

Course Name Expected Grade
NS110 A
MA 241 A-
CH 101 B+

Favorite Hobby