Welcome Ben and other E115 people who may see this

My name is Brian Gaye. I am a Freshman. I am in First Year Engineering with Mechanical Intent. I hope to CODA into Mechanical Engineering shortly. I am interested in this major because I am fascinated by how things work. Also, I enjoy math and physics, both of which are studied heavily in Mechanical Engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I enjoy a variety of video games. My favorite of all time is Star Wars Battlefront. I play video games on different consoles. These consoles include the Wii, Ps2, xBox 360 and on my computer.

Yay Webassign
    How to make a sandwich
  1. Put ham on bread
  2. Put cheese on ham
  3. Put banana peppers on cheese
  4. Put on more cheese
  5. Deep fry it
Class Expected Grade
MA 242 B+
PY 208 B-
ENG101 B