My name is Brian Turi. I am a freshman, intended Mechanical Engineering major. I selected this major because I am a very interested in science and the way things work. I enjoy taking apart mechanical components and determining how they function, so I figured mechanical engineering would allow me to satisfy this interest. I hope that one day I will have the knowledge and skills to design machinery/products with a company.

My favorite hobby is remaining sedentary for extended periods of time. I find it beneficial to both the body and mind. Sometimes I perform my hobby sitting or laying down. Other times I stand. I always make sure to continue breathing during my hobby, otherwise I get a headache.

engineering cat My Resume
  1. Empty a sleeve of saltine crackers into a baking dish
  2. Pour two quarts of canned tomato sauce over the crackers
  3. Cover in a layer of craft singles
  4. Bake in microwave for 12 minutes
  5. cry
Class Grade
MA 242 B
E 115 A
PY 208 B