Who is the person known as Blake?

My name is Blake Wiegand. I am a First year engineering major aiming for mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I find the opportunities it provides in sustainability to be amazing. I also enjoy mechanical engineering because of what it can offer to the world. Being able to design solutions to help people around the world has always been a goal of mine.

My favorite hobby is to build computers. I built my first computer almost 3 years ago, and found it to be one of the most interesting things I've ever done. I like the whole process of building a computer, starting from researching the parts that are needed, to figuring out the small details such as color, price performance and logetivity. Just everything about building computers is fun and interesting to me to the point that I do it in my free time, even if it isn't for me at all.

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My Resume That Will Hopefully Get Me a Job

    Making Pizza Until You Drop
  1. Buy premade pizza dough
  2. Roll out said pizza dough
  3. Put pizza sauce, pepporoni, red peppers, mozarella cheese, provalone cheese, pepper jack cheese, colby jack cheese, bacon, chicken, and sausage on the pizza
  4. cook for 15 minutes on 350 degrees
  5. Let sit for 2 minutes
  6. cover compltetely in hotsauce
  7. Eat until you have a heart attack :D

    No idea why this isn't working
    Class Name Grade
    Eng 101 A
    Ma141 B
    HI208 A
    E101 A
    E115 P
    Chem 101 B