BHunter Homework 5a

My name is Bradley Hunter and I am a Junior at NCSU. I transferred in this past year from Pitt Community College where I recieved an associate in Science/Pre-Engineering.I am majoring in Biological Engineering. I chose this major because I want to be involved in water resources.I have always been interested in water.

Personally my favorite break is summer break. The main reason it's my favorite is because I hate being cold. During the summer me and the family always take the boat out and water ski. Also during the summer I have a job and make some money.Finally summer break is the longest.

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Class Time Expected Grade
CE 214 MWF 9:10am B
ST 370 MW 10:15am A
BIO 183 MWF 1:30pm B
E 115 Tu 10:15am S