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A nice picture of myself

About Me

Hi, my name is Brian Wu. I am currently attending NC State University where I will graduate in 2020. Right now my major is First Year Engineering but I intend to become a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Computer Science.

Why I Chose My Major

I chose Mechanical Engineering as my major because I enjoy working with numbers. I like to solve problems and science and math have always been a forte for me. I also decided to add on a Computer Science minor because as technology advances the world is becoming ever more reliant on computers and having some knowledge on how computers work is an invaluable skill. With my Mechanical Engineering major I want to create new products that improve the quality of life for everyone.

List of Strenths

Class Course Title Semester
Graphics GC 120 Spring 2017
Physics PY 205 Spring 2017
Differential Equations MA 341 Spring 2017