Welcome to Brandon's Homework #6 Webpage!!!

My name is Brandon Luangrath. I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University. I have decided to try to attain a major in the Engineering Pathway. Currently, I am undecided to which specific major I would like to pursue, but I hope to use my freshman year to narrow down my choices. I hope that the E101 class will give me enough information to help me decide what I want to major in.

I like to play a variety of sports with my friends. I find that I do rather well in basketball and football. I love to play soccer, volleyball, and badminton too. Recently, I have gotten into racquetball and play a lot with my floor. I have a lot of fun playing with people who enjoy what I do and strive to get better.

Brandon's Resume
  1. Call Pizza Place
  2. Order Pizza
  3. Wait for Pizza
  4. Receive Pizza
  5. Pay for Pizza
  6. Throw Pizza Out Because You Don't Eat Pizza

Class Grade
ES100 A
E115 S
MA242 C+