Ben Zheng's Mock Resume

Ben Zheng's Resume Welcome to My Mock Resume! Here you will find basic information about me, Benjamin Zheng. Below is a picture of me which you can click on in order to send me an Email.



Major, University, Expected Graduation Date

I am currently a Sophomore at North Carolina State University, studying Chemical Engineering. I plan to graducate May 2020.

Why do I do what I do? What do I plan to do with my degree?

I chose to major Chemical Engineering because I saw that it was a difficult field, and I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to test my learning capacity, and explore the many opportunities of a successful chemical engineer. If and when I receive my degree, I will pursue a career in molecular research or pharmacy.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Chemistry: A Molecular Science Spring 2016
CH 201 Chemistry: A Quantitative Science Fall 2016
CHE 205 Chemistry Process Principles Spring 2017
CH 221 Organic Chemistry Spring 2017
CHE 225 Chemistry: Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Summer 2017