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Hello, my name is Bowen Zhu. I am in the first year engineering program here at NC State University. I have not CODAed into a major, but I came to NC State with the intention of doing Aerospace Engineering. I chose my major at the time, because I was interested in space, robotics, and working for a private space company such as SpaceX or NASA. Looking into all the options, I have branched out and looked at all the majors and have decided to focus more on the mechanical aspect of engineering.

This summer before moving into the dorms, I was a cashier at the Carborro Harris Teeter. However, due to my busy schedule I was unable to travel back and forth between there and Raleigh as often when school started. It was a great experience and I worked about 20 to 30 hours a week behind the cash register and my coworkers were amazing.

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4 most interesting classes

  1. Calculus 1
  2. Pickleball
  3. Thermodynamics 1
  4. Cross Training

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