Welcome to My Life

My name is Chris Bradley and I am a freshman as NC State. By 2018, I intend to become a Civil Engineer. Civil Engineering appeals to me because I want to be able to design and oversee the construction of our nation's infrastructure. I want to be able to create safe environments for people to live and travel that not only benefit society, but the environment as well. My plan after graduating is to start my own construction company and work with the public as well as local and federal government.

My favorite hobby is writing music in my spare time. It allows me to be creative and reduce stress especially when school beocmes too much. If I were more talented and could play an actual instrument such as a guitar or piano, I would probably pursue a career in the music industry.

My Favorite Website My Second Favorite Website

How to Make My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Gather two slices of white bread, strawberry jelly, and peanut-butter
  2. Find a knife and scoop a bit of peanut-butter onto it
  3. Spread the peanut-butter across one slice of white bread
  4. Take the same knife and scoop a bit of strawberry jelly across the other slice of white bread
  5. Press the two slices together making sure the peanut-butter side connects to the strawberry jelly side
  6. Enjoy!!!
    1. Class Grade
      CH 101 B-
      CH 102 A-
      ENG 101 A-
      ES 100 A+
      E 101 A+
      E 115 S
      MA 111 A-
      Writing Lyrics