Welcome to my About Me page!

Hello, my name is Caleb Brittain and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I intend on double majoring in computer and electrical engineering while I am here. I chose this field, because I am fascinated by computers and technology. These majors will help me contribute to the advances in technology and become a contribution to society.

Although my desire is to become a computer engineer, I have only started my work experience this past summer. During the summer I worked as a bagger at JB's Galaxy, a grocery store in Marion, North Carolina. I usually worked about 3-4 days a week bagging groceries, stocking, helping customers out to their car, and cleaning the store. Although it was an entry level job, it taught me a lot about patience and the camradery that comes with working in any profession.

Photo of Caleb and the Chancellor

Classes most interesting to me

  1. Philosophy of Science
  2. Intro to Economics
  3. Chemistry 101
  4. E 115

  5. Name Link
    Engineering Village Engineering Village
    Motorsports Club Motorsports Club