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Hello. My name is Christopher Cardullo, I'm a freshman at NCSU and I'm planning on majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. What first got me interested in ISE was when I was able to go to their actual labs and see all of the equipment they had. The 3d Printers they have there are absolutely incredible. After that, I started looking more into ISE and the idea of optimizing the ways things are done sounded really interesting to me. The other part of it I really like is the fact that you can work in so many fields with it since every sort of field has a process/system that needs optimizing.

My favorite hobby has to be playing video games, and my favorite genre is roguelike games. Roguelikes are games where each time you play, part of the game will be randomized and you will generally start over at the very beginning each time you play. This makes it fun since you try new things each time you play, whether it be a new character, a new way you go about the world, or whatever else you think of. Another reason I enjoy playing video games is because of the friends I can make while playing them, and the fun I can have while playing with friends. It's a great bonding experience with friends since you are all trying to accomplish the same thing and it'll generally require teamwork to accomplish that. I've also made quite a few friends through video games since it gives us a common thing that we both enjoy and we can bond over that.

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  1. First, get all of your necessary ingredients. You'll need a sub roll, ham, turkey and cheddar cheese.
  2. Next, cut open the sub roll so you have two halves, and put cheddar cheese on the inside of both halves.
  3. Then put down a slice of ham and turkey on one half of the sandwich, and repeat this till you have the desired amount of meat on your sandwich that you want.
  4. Finally, toast the sandwich in a toaster till the bread is crispy, and the cheese is fully melted. Let it cool, and then you have an amazing sandwich.
Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A
CH 101 A
CH 102 A+
ENG 101 A
E 115 S
E 101 A
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