Welcome to My Life at NCState page! This page describes some of my interests, and what I'm involved in at the university.

Hey! My name is Carlos Hernandez. I AM NCSTATE2021. I plan to major in civil engineering. I chose this major not only because I like math and problem solving, but more importantly because my career goals include helping people and having an impact. Also, civil engineering combines field work and office work, which is a combination that I look forward too.

In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity of working at a construction company. The tasks that I was assigned included supervision of labor around a water pipeline area and making sure that certain columns were correctly finished. This job provided me with an insight of what being a civil engineer in a construction company consists of.

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Adventure Club at NCSU Adventure Club at NCSU
Aerial Robotics Club at NC State Aerial Robotics Club at NC State