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My name is Connor Alexander Holden. I am a Freshmen intended in majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus in renewable energy systems. I chose this major because I have a strong environmental consciousness and I want to effect the world in a positive way.

Currently I have no job, I am a full time student. Over the summer, however; I had two jobs. I worked at a restaurant doing everything under the sun, and I also worked at a party setup place called Shoreline Party Rentals. At Shoreline I was an assistant manager of operations. My dream is to work hands on with renewable energy technology like solar panels to make them more efficient and cheaper.

Interesting Classes

  1. Calculus 3
  2. Physics for Engineers
  3. Flag Football
  4. Classical Mythology

    1. Clubs

      Club Link
      Competetive Rock Climbing Website
      Engineers Without Borders Website