Mechanical Engineering Student at NC State.

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Hello! My name is Charles Humphries. I am a transfer student and this is my first semester at NC State. I received my Associates in Engineering from Johnston Community College, and had enough credits that transferred to be considered a Junior here at NC State. NC State was an easy choice for me because they have a great engineering program and are close to where I grew up. The discipline I decided to major in is Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering seemed to fit my career needs the most because it is very broad. I wanted a degree that would teach me a lot of topics because I enjoy learning new things. I also like the idea of being able to pick and choose a career from a list of multiple jobs that vary in tasks with one degree.

I am currently working, and have been for over 2 years, in an on campus research laboratory in the biomedical engineering department. The name of the lab is the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (NREL) located on the first floor of Engineering Building 3. Our lab works with powered (robotic) prosthetics for upper limb and lower limb amputees, as well as developing exoskeletons to improve people's mobility. Our research involves using motion capture systems to monitor amputee's gait patterns while using the powered devices. We then take the captured data and analyze it to figure out which parameters allow the amputee to walk with motions closely related to an able bodied person. There are many other ongoing projects within the lab, but the ones involving that brief description above are the projects I am helping with.

My Top Four Classes

  1. CSC 113: Matlab
  2. MAE 214: Solid Mechanics
  3. MAE 208: Dynamics
  4. MAE 201: Thermodynamics

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Ariel Robotics Club Aerial Robotics Club
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