Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Carl Klier.
I am a freshman at NC State University.
Right now, I am in the Summer Start program.
I am planning to major in computer science.
I want to write apps and hopefully get a job on the West Coast.

I enjoy participating in a lot of different hobbies
I played soccer throughout highschool and continue to play now.
I will probably play intermural soccer in the fall.
I really don't want to play at a higher level like club because it requires a lot of time and commitment.
I also love playing basketball at the gym here.

This is my favorite website: Reddit Homepage
image credit: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+reddit/videos

This is my resume.
  1. You have to spin the pizza dough into a circular shape.
  2. Spread pizza sauce evenly on the dough.
  3. Grate the mozerella cheese and sprinkle it onto the pizza dough.
  4. Put the pizza on a pan and cook it in the oven until the cheese is melted and the dough is crispy.
Name Major
Landon Accounting
James Computer Science
Here is an image of my favorite hobby: My Favorite Hobby
image credit: http://www.lijsoccer.com/pages/index.php

If I had to pick between saving a cat and a dog, I would choose a cat.
I have always liked cats since I was young.
I used to have an all black cat named Midnight.
One day, it ran away and didn't come back.
We then got a dog but it just wasn't the same.