Tony Lewis' Resume

Tony Lewis

My Intended Major, University, and Graduation Semester

My intended major is Computer Science. I attend North Carolina State University, and my intended graduation date is Spring of 2020.

Why Did I Choose My Major?

I am still unsure if Computer Science will be my primary choice for my major, and I'm not entirely sure why I chose it to be my primary major as well except for the fact that it seemed interesting to do and I want to be able to work to create software for devices that will affect people's lives.

Five Strong Degree Relevant Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
Intro to Java CSC 116 Spring 2017
Calculus 1 MA 141 Fall 2016
Physics I PY 205/206 Spring 2017
Programming Concepts - Java CSC 216 Fall 2017
Discrete Math CSC CSC 226 Fall 2017