My name is Cole Manring. I am a freshman in Nuclear Engineering. I chose nuclear because I enjoy math, science, and the harnessing of power most of all. In nuclear, I can get involved in the future of energy technology, namely fusion power. Believe me, this is some cool stuff.

Spring Break 2012 of my senior year of high school was the most amazing break from school ever. I went down to Myrtle Beach with 14 of my closest guy and girl friends to have the most fun we can possibly have in one week. In that week, we were able to hang on the beach, by the pool, at Broadway at the Beach, in the condo, and just about anywhere else we could find to have a good time. We ate out a lot, laughed a lot, and really enjoyed our time together before we all went off to college. It's safe to say I will never forget that trip.

March Madness to me is a great time for everyone to get together and have fun watching some college basketball. Personally, it's not exactly an "earth shattering" time for me, but I still enjoy the atmosphere and watching all the games. I do think, however, that some people overdo it a little. I also like to see how the brackets turn out and how this affects all the nationwide fan bracket competitions. Overall, I think it's a great time.

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  1. Get bread
  2. Get meat
  3. Get veggies
  4. Get oil and vinegar
  5. Put it all together

Spring Grades

Class Grade
E115 Pass
Calc 3 A
Fortran A