Welcome to my web page about my wonderful fur sisters Brandy and Scout.

My name is Christina Mara and I am a freshman. My current major is biological sciences. I choose biological sciences as my major because I thought I wanted to go into the medical field. However, I decided once I got to NC State that I did not like biology. Then, I decided to switch my major to something in the College of Engineering. I choose this because I like math.

My favorite animals are dogs, and my dogs Brandy and Scout are the inspiration of this web page. Brandy and Scout are both very loving and friendly. They have so much fur which is what makes them so pretty. Brandy is a chocolate Labrador retriever, so she is all brown. Scout is a beagle, so she is brown, white and black. They are both beautiful.

Brandy and Scout

Dog Star Daily Website

How to order pizza

  1. Look up the phone number for a pizza place on Google.com
  2. Call the phone number you found
  3. Tell the person what pizza you want to order
  4. Answer all the questions the pizza person on the phone asks you
  5. Answer the door and pay the deliverer

My classes this semester

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
PY205 A-
MA242 A