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Hello my name is Cliff. This is my first year at NCSU. I plan to be studying Mechanical Engineering, but I must complete three more classes to transfer in. Before NC State I went to school in Wilmington NC for boat building. Boat building is all engineering, so thats why I'm here. I'd like to further my education and become the best I can be.

I don't really have a favorite break from school. For the past three years i have been enrolled in school year round. I guess if I had to pick it would be winter break. I usually take some time off and visit my family, its always a fun time. My grandma makes me omeletts in the mornings, and i pretty much just do nothing for two weeks or so. Its a nice break from sanding and fairing and epoxying and glassing and all the other boat work. Oh yes, definitely looking forward to winter break.

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Heres How To Make A PB&J MMMMMMM!!
  1. Get some bread
  2. Get some penut butter and get some jelly
  3. Spread the penut butter on one piece of bread
  4. Spread some jelly on the other piece of bread
  5. Combine the two slices
  6. Enjoy

Class Grade
E115 Satisfactory
Ma 141 A
Ch 101 A

Thanks Grams!!
MMMM Winter Break