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My name is Claudia Patterson and I am a freshman at North Carolina State Univerity. I am currently an Engineering First Year student, with the intent of gaining a degree in both Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Since I am pursuing a double major, my graduation date is currently December 2020.

Why Paper Science and Chemical Engineering Dual Degree Program?

Even though the Paper Science and Engineering Program at NC State is nationally ranked, it isn't a very well known program. I was able to pursue Paper Science and Engineering because of a generous scholarship from the Pulp and Paper Foundation. I agreed to major in the dual degree program because the post graduation options are very versatile. With a degree in both Chemical Engineering and Paper Science Engineering I will be able to work as a chemical sales representative, a consultant, a process engineer, or in a management position. I like the ability to have options, and the opportunity to make a difference in many different fields.

My Personal Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
PSE 295 Special Topics in Paper Science and Egineering Fall 2016
PSE 201 Pulp and Paper Technology Spring 2017
CHE 205 Chemical Process Procedures Fall 2017
PSE 212 Paper Properties Fall 2017
PSE 371 Pulp Process Analysis Spring 2018