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My name is Chris Peeler and I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am in the first-year engineering program and I intend to CODA into Biomedical Engineering. This field interests me the most because it is very diverse, and incorporates aspects of many other Engineering fields. I am also interested in taking a few minors: biological sciences, mathematics, and possibly German.

Before college started, I spent the summer working full-time for a mold removal company called Advantaclean. The pay was decent, but the work was dirty and strenuous. This experience helped me gain respect and understanding for the hard work that manual labor jobs require. It also motivates me to work hard in my studies so that I can enter a well paying career that I enjoy.

Picture of me

My Most Interesting Classes

  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Calculus II
  3. Human Physiology Engineering I
  4. Biomechanics


Club Name Link
Biomedical Devices BMED
Helping Hand Project HH