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My name is Christopher Pennella and I am a freshman here at NC State currently in the Engineering First Year program. I am undecided on my major as of right now, but Industrial Engineering is what I am leaning towards. The idea of working on processes to make them more efficient interests me, which is why I am looking into Industrial Engineering as a major.

I am currently working as a customer service clerk at Harris Teeter. I have been working at Harris Teeter for over two years now, and I really enjoy my job and getting to interact with all of my coworkers and customers. However, since I am attending college now I am taking an educational leave of absence from work until summer.

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  1. HESA 226 Scuba Diving
  2. HESS 239 Self Defense
  3. ISE 443 Quality Control
  4. ISE 441 Intro to Simulation

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