Hello, welcome to my personal webpage.

My name is Christian Provenzano, I am a freshman at NC State University looking to study Computer Science. I chose this major because I love working with computers, and want to learn more about how they operate. Ideally, I want to focus on AI or machine learning because I see the field as highly relevant to progress in the future. With this, I would love to be able to engineer computers that are capable of helping the average person with whatever they need.

This spring semester, I will be working an IT job here on campus with the CHASS department. I hope to learn how the computer systems across campus interact, and I look forward to being exposed to the small technological intricacies that make NCSU's facilities as amazing as they are. I especially look forward to being able to assist others by fixing any issues or errors they might encounter.

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My Most Interesting Classes

  1. Modern Asia: 1800s - Present (HI 264)
  2. Calculus 2 (MA 241)
  3. Principles of Microeconomics (EC 201)
  4. Intro to Java (CSC 116)
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