I'm Chandler Rechenberg and I am a student at North Carolina State University. Below I will tell you a bit about myself.

As said above my name is Chandler Rechenberg. I am a freshman at NC State who is currently studying engineering. I first considered Engineering as a major as I realized that I enjoyed the application of math to solve science related problems. More recently I have begun to doubt whether or not I wish to stay in the program and if not what other major I may try to pursue. If not Engineering I may pursue a study in environmental science or conservation.

One of my favorite hobbies, unspecifically, is just being outdoors and doing adventurous activities. I love going kayaking and hiking with friends. I also enjoy casual walking through parks while walking my dog. A perfect day would be 70 degree weather, out at a park, while I hike, kayak, Eno, and play my guitar.

Undoubtedly, not much can beat a well made PB&J. Below I describe my process of making my favorite sandwhich.

  1. Take two pieces of whole wheat bread
  2. On one side of one piece of bread lather peanut butter on with even thickness
  3. On one side of the other piece of bread apply a similar amount of grape jelly
  4. Take the two sides with their respective spreads and put them together
  5. Enjoy!!!

  6. Resume

    Favorite Website:

    E115 PY205 MA241
    Pass A- C