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Hello everyone my name is Carter Rucker. I am a freshman and I am currently an engineer with undeclared intent. I hope to CODA (change of degree audit) this year into civil engineering. I chose engineering because I enjoy math, which is often used in engineering. Also, civil engineering would be perfect for me because I love building things.

My favorite hobby is playing the bass guitar. I started playing bass guitar over four years ago when my friends and I were starting a band and needed a bassist. At the time, I had been playing electric guitar for two years. After making the decision to buy a bass guitar, I have been playing it ever since. I have not taken many bass lessons so I do not know much about scales and composing music. However, I have a very extensive database on my phone of cover songs which I have learned.

  1. Place materials on counter
  2. Add turkey
  3. Add cheese
  4. Add bacon
  5. Add mayo
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus II B+
Golf S
Playing Bass