Hello Everybody

My name is Carli Starnes and I am a Sophomore mechanical engineering student. I was placed in my first engineering class when I was a senior in high school because math was my favorite subject. After taking the class I fell in love with engineering. I liked the idea of designing something that could help or improve people's lives. Although the classes have been very difficult I would never switch majors. This is the first time that school has actually been difficult for me and I like the challenge.
My favorite hobby is to play my trumpmet. I started playing trumpet in sixth grade and was a part of band until I graduated from high school. I still play for church and school projects. In band I was able to travel to locations that I never would have been able to experience. Having musical knowledge allows me to make connections that otherwise I could not make. Band also allowed me an outlet to exspress myself. My Resume
  1. Go to Luigi's
  2. Pick size of pizza
  3. Add Ham, Pepperoni, and Bacon to the pizza
  4. Pick up and Enjoy
Course Expected Grade
E 115 P
MSE 201 B
MAE 206 C