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So my name is Christopher VanBuhler. I am a freshman seeking to gain a Mechanical Engineering degree. The reason as to why I want to be a Mechanical Engineer is because I want to design and work on automobiles. I think it would be a fun job in the future. I am looking to minor in spanish because I want to learn the language.

I love to play golf. The feeling of playing golf is unlike any other because the field or course can be designed basically any way you can imagine. I love the challenge because no one can master the sport. If you ask me anything about golf I would probably know the answer. Plus Golf is the only sport I stay after practice to keep practicing.

golf course in Spain

How to Make the Best Sandwich
  1. Bake or buy a fresh French Baguette
  2. cut the bread
  3. lightly toast the bread
  4. Add a little bit of olive oil to the bread
  5. cut fresh and add jamon Serrano of Spain to the sandwich
  6. Enjoy!

Class: English: E115 Spanish E101 Calculus II Chemistry Chemistry Lab
Grade 85 S 97 95 85 80 99

golf course in Spain