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Raleigh Brewing Company, which is the first woman owned brewery in N.C., was formed in May of 2010. It was originally planned as a partnership with a local bar that was to be built in North Raleigh but the plan did not come to fruition.


The company formulated a new business model to become a stand-alone 20 bbl production brewery. With a current production capacity of 260 bbl, Raleigh Brewing Company features six core beers with rotating seasonal brews .


The Brewery is located just south of downtown Raleigh, at 3709 Neil Street.

A Little Background New Holiday Brew Aims to Attract Younger Customers
About the Beers

Raleigh Brewing Company proudly offers six in-house brews with creative names such as "City of Blokes" and "Uncommon Curiosity." To appeal to non-drinkers and underage patrons alike, the brewing company also offers non-alcoholic choices including a drink called Kombucha.


Native to China, it is infused with local ingredients to create a wonderful drink for all ages. Raleigh Brewing Company's craft brews are also featured in numerous restaurants and bars across the Triangle area.


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Local brewery launches seasonal beer with hopes of gaining younger customer base.



Raleigh, N.C. - Raleigh Brewing Company released a seasonal beer Monday to bring the flavors of the holiday’s to the taproom. In an effort to attract a younger customer base, Raleigh Brewing Company released Winter Warmer to match the comforting flavors of the season with the earthy essences of craft beer.



Located less than a mile from North Carolina State University, Raleigh Brewing Company provides local college juniors and seniors with craft brewery experience.



“We knew that the holiday flavors would be a perfect match to meet the preferences of local college students,” said owner Kristie Nystedt. “We wanted to give both our loyal and potential customers a beer to enjoy during the winter months.”



Winter Warmer is a beer combining the traditional sweetness with bold hints of winter spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.



Raleigh Brewing Company serves in-house beer seven days a week. Each weekday features a different social event ranging from trivia to live music. The Brewery is located on Neil Street in Raleigh, just south of downtown.


The People

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While there, you can find out about events taking place in the taproom and get more information on the various craft brew selections and where to find them across the Triangle area.


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