I present to you... My E115 Homework5a!

My name is Charlie Willis. I am a Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. I chose Mechanical Engineering because it is a field that has always interested me. I have always loved cars and been fascinated by the complex machinery that goes into them and making them. I would love to design and build such complicated and interesting machines.

My favorite hobby is to shoot competitive riflery. I have loved competitive shooting sports since the age of ten. When I was fourteen I started shooting High Power XTC Riflery and joined the NCRPA Rifle Team. I like it because it is a largely individual sport that you can never master. It makes you want to get better and better and takes practice and determination to do so.


How to make the perfect sandwich:

  1. Pick out 2 pieces of the nuttiest, heartiest, darkest bread you can find
  2. Cover 1 piece in extra chunky peanut butter
  3. Cover the other in the jam or jelly of your choice (not grape, that's boring)
  4. Put it all together
  5. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
E101 A
E115 S
MA241 B-
Py205&6 B-
ENG101 A-
HI252 A-

Picture with rifle