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Name:Colette Williams
Born: August 7
Loves: science, performing arts, and many more
Description: I can be shy or outgoing it depends on the Environment.
I am interested in the medical care, research field and refuse to give up for any reason(this is personal). I do have other interests as well though. When I get bored I just love to surf the web. Part of my surfing includes talking with people:My Addiction. I did use to use another system before coming to college but now, not so much;I have good Memories from when I did though. One of the most important organizations and I am involved with is the American Cancer Society, which is part of what I am trying to do with my dream.

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    My Most Favorite Movies:
  1. Seventeen Again
  2. Mad Money
    My Fave Activities:
  1. Listening to Music
  2. Dancing
  3. Taking Pictures
  4. Hanging with my family & friends
  5. Traveling
    And so much more!!
    Frequented Websites: (Not too many but here goes...)
  • North Carolina State University home page:
  • Google search engine!:
  • America Online:
  • Guess:
  • Dillards:
Dance has been a part of my life since I was six years old.
Though I had to work between that and school, it still is a huge part of me today.
This picture emphasizes the first type of dance I learned...ballet!
I am a Leo and I'm proud
 Take Up Space:

I do.
I do this.
I do this to.
I do this to take.
I do this to take up space.