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Caleb Biggers Holding Largemouth Bass

About Me:

My name is Caleb Biggers and I am a freshman at NC State. I am majoring in Agribusiness Management, and will also be minoring in animal science. My interests include fishing, hunting, and playing the guitar. I like to fish for bass and a variety of salt water fish. I mainly hunt for white-tail deer. I play both the acoustic electric guitar, and prefer to play country music. My favorite country music artists are Eric Church and George Strait.

In CSC 200, I have enjoyed learning how to use HTML through the SeaMonkey program. I have enjoyed the fact that SeaMonkey is a simple way to begin exploring how to design web pages. This interests me because web page design can be very useful in agribusiness. I would like to learn more about Excel, and other Microsoft programs, as I feel knowledge about those programs would also be very valuable in business. I did not enjoy the unit on computer programming, and the activities we completed in Snap. Computer programming is something I most likely will not use in my career.

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Food Groups
Green Beans
Milk/Dairy Ice Cream
Skim Milk
Yeast Rolls
Whole Wheat Bread
Beef Brisket
Sliced Turkey