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My name is Chris Becker, and I am a senior majoring in philosophy and mathematics. I chose to major in philosophy after taking metaphysics my freshman year and enjoying the experience. I chose to major in mathamtics because I wanted to learn more about its origins and multiple applications. After some time, I realized the conceptual overlap between the two majors was considerable - enough so for me to focus on philosophy of mathematics, working on research specifically concerning the foundations of mathematics.

My favorite hobby is landscape photography. I also enjoy travelling, which pairs well with photography. I've taken 1,000's of photos of a variety of landscapes, though most have been taken in the early morning or as the sun is setting. I think there's something tranquil about taking time out of your day to observe something that literally inspires awe. It's humbling, to say the least.

category theory Résumé
  1. Prepare Dough
  2. Prepare Sauce
  3. Select Toppings
  4. Spread Dough in Cooking Sheet
  5. Apply Sauce and Toppings Liberally
  6. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes
Lake Yellowstone on a rainy Tuesday
Class Grade
E 115 S
CSC 116 A
ISE 215 A
ISE 216 A
ISE 311 A
ENG 305 A
SOC 261 A+
MA 494 A+
ENG 201 A
HESF 210 S