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My name is Claire Fasel. I am an incoming Freshman at North Carolina States University. I am currently an engineering major with Biomedical Intent. I chose to pursue this because I enjoy working with my hands but would enjoy a career that would allow me to help others.

I really enjoy being outside, and hiking is probably my favorite hobby. I also really enjoy the French language. I served as the President of a French Club and Vice President of a French Honor Society when I was younger.

My dream job would involve both travel and helping others. I would love to live somewhere in Europe, preferably France. I would enjoy speaking another language and working in the field of psychiatry or any type of work in which I can share ideas within groups.

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Prose Analysis (In Place of Essay)
  1. AP Psychology
  2. French
  3. AP Literature
  4. Contemporary Moral Issues
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Colton Moore Computer Science
Jenay Brown Biomedical Engineering