My name is Calvin Hamblet. I am a nuclear engineering major and I hope to graduate in 2018. I choose this major because I am very interested in math and engineering and it is what I am good at. Another branch of engineering that I am interested in is aeronautical engineering.

My favorite hobby is to play soccer. I have played soccer since I was 3 years old and I have enjoyed playing it ever since. I also have a job refereeing soccer now here in Wilmington. I have played goalkeeper since I was 10 and that is my favorite position to play.

    How to make a Pepperoni pizza
  1. Call Dominoes
  2. Ask for a Pepperoni pizza
  3. Wait 45 minutes
  4. Pay for the pizza and tip the driver
Class Grade
Calculus 3 B
Statics B-
E 115 S
International Studies B