My name is Clayton Kirberger. I currently attend North Carolina State University and intend to double major in physics and nuclear engineering. I chose each of these two majors for different reason. Nuclear engineering can be directly applied in the real world to bring humanity closer to harnessing power from fusion. Physics is more of a personal curiosity than something I plan to directly make a career out of. A physics major will certainly still be of no little use for someone who intends to make a living as an engineer.

When I'm not rescuing orphaned puppies or inventing the boneless buffalo wing I like to spend my spare time dishing out vigilante justice on the streets of Starling City. It's a hobby I picked up after spending five years on an island in the middle of the Pacific. My time there nearly killed me but now I have returned with the sole purpose of saving my city from all of the ruthless drug lords and murderers that stalk its streets. By day I may be just another "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist"-Tony Stark, but at night I put on my hood and become The Arrow. My most recent act of heroism saved 503 lives when I stopped General Zod from releasing the Ether on the slums of Starling City (formally known as The Glades). For me The Arrow may just be a hobby, but for the people of Starling City, it's a symbol of hope.



    How to Make a Good Sandwich

  1. Start with two slices of bread
  2. Lather one slice with mayonaise, and the other with mustard
  3. Place a single slice of american cheese on each slice of bread
  4. Finally apply generous amounts of turkey and put the slices together
  5. Enjoy!
Class Projected Grade
MA 241 B+
E 115 S
E 101 A