My name is Charles Bradley Knoll. I am a freshmen attending North Carolina State University. I plan to dual major in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. I choose Chemical Engineering because I have always had a natural love for chemistry and math. As for Paper Science and Engineering, I had never heard of it until I received a letter from the College of Natural Resources offering me a scholarship if I decided to enroll in a dual major program with ChemE and PSE. The letter also invited me to come down and sit in a paper engineering class to see if I liked it. That day I came down and visited I fell in love with it.

Golf is my favorite thing to do in my spare time. I have only been golfing for three years but it has quickly become my favorite thing to do. I like golfing because it can be both competitive and relaxing. I love seeing improvement and trying to best my best score. I am not very good at it but I plan to enroll in HESS 245 my spring semester. HESS 245 is a golf class so hopefully I can learn some helpful tips to improve my game. The only thing that holds me back from golfing all the time is that it is expensive for a college kid like me.


    Toasty Roastbeef and Cheese

  1. Slice sub roll
  2. Place Roastbeef on sub roll
  3. Place Provalone cheese on top of Roastbeef
  4. Toast whole sandwich till the cheese melts
  5. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Chem 101 A
Ma 141 A
E 115 P