Welcome to Homework 5a

My name is Chandler Pierce. I am currently a freshman and studying computer science. I chose this major because I thought I would enjoy programming but I recently discovered that is not the case and am looking to change my major. I am looking into possibly criminology or psychology. If neither of these works then I am not sure what I will choose.

I have multiple favorite hobbies. I enjoy playing soccer and watching other sports, especially football. I also enjoy eating as another hobby. I like to try new foods that I have never experienced. I also like to try and cook these foods when I am feeling adventerous and creative.

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  1. Grab two pieces of bread
  2. Place turkey on the bread
  3. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to the bread
  4. Dress with ranch
  5. Eat and Enjoy
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 C
Chem 111 B
E 101 A
E 115 S
WGS-200Q B