Welcome to Reno's Journal

Hi, my name is Cornelius Baffareno Raditya Bismarka. I usually go by the name Reno or Dean. I was born in Jakarta, November 7, 1997. I'm currently a freshman and majoring at Industrial Engineering. The reason I chose Industrial Engineering is because I want to do a job that combines both business and engineering.

For my hobby, there are several things that I like to do during my leisure time. One of them is working out. Working out has helped me to relieve all the stress I got from schoolwork. The other thing that I also like to do is watching Netflix while binging on ice cream. I love my hobbies.

Fun Stuff Resume

Steps to order my favorite pizza

  1. Visit Marco's Pizza
  2. Ask for All Cheese Pizza
  3. Don't forget to ask for some bacon on the pizza
  4. Place order
Class Name Expected Grades
CH 101 B-
FLE 101 A+
EC 205 A

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