Welcome to Catrina's Corner !

Hi ! My name is Catrina Rateb. I am a current Freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. I decided I want to pursue this major because of my interest in the combination of the Maths and Sciences into real applicable situations. BME will allow me to explore different career paths in the Healthcare World. It will also give me the needed Engineering skills to innovate new designs and models for equipment and prosthetics used in the Medical Field.

My favorite hobbies are all nested in the Performing Arts. These include singing, playing the piano, playing the violin, and singing with the NC State Chorale. My first love is Music as I discovered it at an early age of five years old when I starting taking piano lessons. I soon progressed to voice and auditioned and was accepted to the Charlotte Children's Choir where I worked my way up different ensembles until I was with the premier Charlotte Bella Voce Women's Ensemble. In school, I picked up a different instrument, the violin, with my middle school Orchestra. I continued playing under private instructors and was able to join the Union Symphony Youth Orchestra once I reached a certain proficiency level. In college, I am still involved with these hobbies ! I am a second soprano in the NC State Chorale and play the violin with NC State's Orchestra.
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How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwhich

  1. Take two slices of whole grain bread and toast
  2. Place two slices of American Cheese on one slice of Toast
  3. Place two slices of Monterrey Cheddar on other slice of Toast
  4. Combine the two sides of Toast so that Cheese is in the middle
  5. Put the Toast on a Sandwhich Griller until cheese is melted
  6. Enjoy warm gooey cheese sandwhich

Classes Grades
Chemistry A+
Calculus II A-
E 101 A+
HON Spirituality Seminar A

Playing the Violin