Connor's A-Worthy Homework Assignment

My name is Connor Wagner, and I am a Freshman studying Engineering. I have yet to decide on a major yet, but I am leaning toward either electrical or computer engineering. The reason I am favoring those two majors is the high employment rate of electrical engineers, and the subject matter of computer engineering. I took three programming classes, and one computer engineering class in high school, so I am comfortable working with computers. Also, my friend's dad offered me a job right out of college, if I major in electrical engineering, so that is a strong incentive to major within that field. As of right now, I am just in the Engineering First-Year program, and earning credits to choose an engineering field to study.

My favorite vacation I have been on was a trip I took with my Boy Scout troop down to Florida Sea Base. Florida Sea Base is a big scout camp that allows scouts to sleep in college style rooms for a week, and get scuba certified. There are other programs there too, like Scuba Live-Aboard, where you get to stay on a ship all week, and sail to different diving destinations. That trip was the best I have ever been on, as I got to get scuba certified, see coral reefs and the marine life in the Florida Keys, and play beach volleyball every night. The whole trip seemed to go by too quickly, and I wish I could go back again.

In the age old debate on cats versus dogs, I have to take the side of dogs being the superior pet. I have many reasons why, with the foremost being their loyalty. Dogs have been known to drag their owners from burning buildings, attack robbers, and protect their owners from bears. These qualities alone of being a personal bodyguard should prove that dogs are better. Dogs also come in a lot more distinguishable breeds than cats, and therefore can be matched to an owner more perfectly than a cat. Most cats are similar in size, and can't drag their owner from a burning building. Also, cats bite you right when you think you are petting them in a way that they like, but dogs warn you first with a growl. These facts are why dogs are way better than cats.

How to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Get two slices of wheat bread
  2. Get two slices of american cheese
  3. Lightly grease a pan with butter
  4. Put the pan on the stove at medium heat
  5. Put the american cheese between the two slices of bread
  6. Butter the outside faces of the bread
  7. Put the stack of bread and cheese on the pan
  8. Cook one side of the sandwich until it is golden brown
  9. Flip the sandwich and cook the other side to a golden brown color
  10. Remove the sandwich from the pan, and enjoy! Beware of the hot cheese
Class Name Class Grade
MA141 A
E115 S
Florida Sea Base Dock