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"Howdy! My name is Charles Albert, but I go by Carter. I am a" freshman "at North Carolina State University and I am majoring in construction engineering. I chose to major in construction engineering because I have always had a curiosity about" tall " buildings. The reason" why "I decided that construction engineering would be best for me instead of civil engineering is because construction engineers get to be on the job site instead of only drawing up the designs like civil engineers."

" A job that I would love to have is one with United Contractors. United Contractors is a contruction company out of Iowa that also has projects in North Carolina in the the Rocky Mount area. I learned about United Contractors at the North Carolina State University Engineering Career Fair, and I contribute my change from civil engineering to construction engineering to them."

A picture of me
  1. MA 242
  2. CH 101
  3. PY 205
  4. ENG 101
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