Welcome to my home page. You done messed up now

My name is Christopher Carnes, but if you're looking at my student ID it's CHRIS CARNES. I'm a freshman student, but I've been an employee longer than that. I'm currently in EFY, or Engineering First Year. I'm not yet sure what specific Engineering I'm going to be doing just yet, currently it's between Civil and Mechanical. Basically, I'm going to go into whichever one takes me; first choice is Mechanical, second choice is Civil. If I get into Mechanical, I want to improve farm equipment, and if I get into Civil I want to do transportation

I'm really into cars and guns. I've enjoyed cars since I was really young because my dad got me into it, and I've been working on cars since I've been at least 10. As time progressed, I've amped up the amount of work I do myself on my own truck, even going as far as teaching others simple things like Oil changes and brake jobs. During high school, I had a friend who taught me all he knew about guns and how to take care of them, and he was the person I bought my first gun from (Mosin Nagant rifle). From that time, I've gotten some from my grandma and bought some of my own, even though they're technically under my dads name.

I watch too much sports If you want to give me a job already, click here

How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Obtain bread
  2. Obtain ham
  3. Obtain cheese
  4. Give up and order pizza

Class Expected Grade
COM 110 B+
PY 205 B-
MA 241 A-
E115 P