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Hello, My name is Conrad. I'm a freshman at NC State University and intending on graduating with a Biomedical Engineering degree. I choose this major, because I had a passion for the medical world and I wanted to become an Engineer, so I put them together(I know, it's genius). School is extremely important to me so I try to stay on top of all of my assignments.

When I came into Highschool I had not played any other sports other than lacrosse. It was the only thing I had tried and was decent enough to get play time doing. My freshman year I tried out for my HS team and was cut the last day of tryouts, I felt upset because I had no idea what to do after that. However a week later I realized that if I got this far with the sport then I can keep going till next year. I played on my local team that spring and summer, played club in the fall and then trained extensively. Running for two hours a day, stick skills after homework, and 5 hours of sleep. My sophomore year I came back and on the last day of tryouts, I was the last one to be called into the room to be told if I made it or not. I had serious doubts but the three coaches said that from what they saw from me last year compared to this year was enough to convince them that I can improve even more. Coolest moment in my life. Then over the summer I had chest surgery, and now I play on the NC State club tennis team. The end.

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Conrad Dear Resume

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Class Name Grade
CH101 A
E101 A+
MA241 A

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