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Welcome To My Homework5a Webpage!!!

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My name is Chris Hixson. I am a first year freshman. My current
major is Mechanical Engineering. I chose that major because I
received a scholarship for that major. I am interested in the
Russian major because I enjoy languages. Also, I am interested
in History because I love history.

My favorite hobby is bball. I love this sport for several
reasons. Firstly, it keeps me in excellent shape. Also I
love playing sports as a team. Bball is a sport in which you
must utilize your team in order to be successful. It is easy to
play bball . It is a popular popular sport in the the US.

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Crazy News Stories

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  1. Obtain 2 slices bread
  2. Apply peanut butter to one slice
  3. Apply you favorite jelly to other slice
  4. Combine both slices to create PB&J sandwich
  5. Enjoy!

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Class Projected grade
E115 S
STS 402 4.0
CH101 3.5

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bball photo